Turn in the road

                 How to make a Three point turn / Turn in the road



The examiner will ask you to select a safe place to stop on the left to perform a turn in the road.

You will be asked to turn the car in the road using forward and reverse gears to face the opposite direction, trying not to touch the curbs.






A. Look at the level of the road and access as to whether the road is level, uphill, downhill. Remember the camber of the road will also influence how the car behaves. Select first gear, then have a good look in your rear view mirror and then check over your right shoulder. Once you are happy that it is safe, then start to move off very slowly.

B. Turn the steering wheel quite briskly onto full right hand lock. Keep looking both ways and remember to stop if any vehicles approach and see what they are doing before you proceed. About 3 feet before you reach the curb turn the steering wheel to the left as much as you can (opposite lock), then stop  and apply the handbrake. Remember not to steer when the vehicle is stationary. Select reverse gear.

C. Keep looking all round, when safe one final check out of the rear windscreen, find the biting point  then start to reverse back slowly, turning the steering briskly onto full left lock. keep looking both ways and stop if other vehicles approach, see what they intend to do before you procee

About half way across the road, look over the right shoulder at the curb to your right. When the car reaches around 3 feet from the curb, turn the wheel as much as you can to the right (opposite lock), again do not steer when the car is stationary. Remember to disengage the clutch: and brake to stop the car. Apply the handbrake and select first gear.

D. Find the biting point to ensure the car does not roll backwards into the curb. Before moving off, look both left and right and if all clear move off slowly and steer briskly to the right.

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