Pass Plus

  Passed your driving test in the last year?...

        Then the pass plus scheme is for you


Training with Bob Ramsell Tamworth Premier Driving School under the pass plus driving scheme helps you quickly gain valuable extra experience and positive driving skills that would otherwise take a long time to acquire. The pass plus scheme has been designed by the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) with the help of the motor insurance and driving instruction industries to develop your skills and knowledge in areas where you may have limited experience.

As an indicator of its effectivness, a recent survey of L test candidates carried out by ORC international for DVSA showed that those who had taken the pass plus.


93% felt more confident on the road

89% considered that their driving skills had improved as a result of taking the course


                               Pass plus will benefit you by:


Enabling you to gain quality driving experience safely.

Helping you become a more skillful driver.

Teaching you how to develop a positive driving style which is           both enjoyable and safe.

Reducing your chances of being involved in a road accident.

Saving you money on your car insurance premiums.


                                           The Problem


You are more vulnerable. You've shown by passing the driving test that you are able to drive unsupervised on the road. As a newly qualified driver you're much more vulnerable than you might realise.

You are more likely to have a crash: Statistics show that new drivers are more likely to have an accident within the first 2 years of passing their test than at any other time in their driving career.

You lack driving experience: It's not because of your age - newly qualified drivers are at a higher than average risk whatever their age. The main factor is simply a lack of driving experience.


                                          The solution


Develop your driving skills, so that you can drive safely in all conditions and on all types of road. Until you do this you will be at a greater risk of being involved in a road accident. That risk is reflected in car insurance premiums. This is where pass plus comes in. Designed by the Driving and Vehicle Standard Agency. The six - module training syllabus will develop your skills and if you feel nervous driving on your own it helps to boost your confidence.


                            But I already know how to drive


Your pass plus instructor knows that you have achieved the level of competence required to pass the driving test. But as a new driver you have relatively little driving experience.

Pass plus is much more than just a few extra driving lessons. As well as gaining further driving experience under expert supervision you'll be taught how to deal with situations you may not have faced before. Such as:


Driving in fog, rain, snow and ice

Driving in the dark

Motorway driving


The course will show you some of the reasons why things can go wrong on the road and what you can do to prevent them from happening. By completing the syllabus successfully you'll gain the satisfaction of driving in a more positive and controlled way.


                                     Positive Driving

Two key factors make up a positive approach to driving


                                     Your attitude


 Responsibility for your action

 Consideration for others


                                     Your Skills


Assessing what you see

Making decisions

Taking the right action


These essential attitudes and skills are the same, whether you are driving


 On a busy main road

 In adverse weather conditions

 On a quiet country lane or road

 At night

 On a dual carriageway

 On motorways



The Pass Plus Scheme costs £150.00 for min 6 hours tuition




                         There is no Further Test to take


When Bob is satisfied with your performance you receive a certificate from the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency. This certificate may entitle you from the majority of insurance companies up to 33% discount of your initial premium and you may also receive discount if you are added on your parents or partners car insurance.


What's more... taking Pass Plus just might SAVE YOUR LIFE and probably not cost you a penny!


Bob Ramsell Driving School will show you the skills of advanced observation and hazard awareness that can prevent you from being involved in a dangerous situation or even a major collision


The Pass Plus scheme gets you extra training required for safe and confident driving on todays roads. Thousands of young drivers have saved substantially more than the cost of the Pass Plus course on their insurance cover in the first year after passing!


If you do not have a car at the moment, you may be able to defer the discount for up to two years, but you would need to check with your insurance company.


But the savings go on. . . and on. . . and on. . . so don't delay, speak to us about Pass Plus scheme now!

You should check which company offers you the best discount.You could save more money on your insurance than you actually paid for your Pass Plus course, effectively getting your training for nothing.


                               Insurers offering discount

The following insurers offer motor insurance benefits to car drivers who have passed pass plus


 4Counties Insurance                                                   08456 300 200

 AA Insurance                                                              0800 294 1200

 Adrian Flux Insurance Services                                  0800 505 3000

 Churchhill Insurance                                                   0800 200 300

 Co-operative Insurance Society                                  0845 746 4646

 Click4gAP (enter voucher code 'PASSPLUSGAP')                        0844 357 8300

 Direct Line                                                                   0845 246 8888

 Endleigh                                                                      0800 028 3571

 i-Kube                                                                          0845 602 6925

 Privilege                                                                       0845 246 0259

 Royal and Sun Alliance                                               0870 168 8686

 Swinton Car Insurance                                                0800 409 6551

 Young Marmalade                                                       0845 644 2026

 Quinn Direct Insurance Services                                 0800 587 8000



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