PArallel park

A . The examiner will ask you to select a safe place to stop about two car lengths behind the vehicle he wishes you to do a reverse park on. For this manoeuvere you will be asked to pull alongside the vehicle in front of you, then reverse into the space behind imagining a vehicle two car lengths behind the vehicle.

It would be benificial if you adjust the nearside door mirror down so that you can see the wheel arch.

Have a good look round, remembering to check over your right shoulder. As you drive very slowly forward turn your steering wheel quite briskly to the right.
Position the car so that you are about two feet away from the yellow car. Remember to check your rear view mirror as you are doing this and if you find there is any vehicles approaching from the rear, signal left to let them know you are stopping.
Position your car so that the  rear of your car is level is level with the yellow car as in diagram A. Once stopped apply the handbrake and select reverse gear.
Have a good look round, remember to check over your right shoulder.
If safe start to reverse back slowly, looking out of the rear windscreen, continue to look around as you drive back.

B. Slowly reverse until the rear of the yellow car is about half way across the rear side window, check the right shoulder then if safe turn the steering wheel onto full left lock. Keep looking all round, if any other vehicles approach stop and only proceed when it is safe to do so. Observe the kerb traveling across the rear windscreen, when it reaches the end of the screen,

C. check your nearside door mirror and start to slowly steer onto full right lock. Observe all round and watch how the curb is in relation to the car. Increasing the speed of the wheel will increase the turning of the car. Make any slight corrections with the steering if necessary. It is important to maintain your observation and not to stare at any one point. Watch the front of the car coming in and stop when it becomes parallel to the curb and apply handbrake and select neutral. If you find you are going to hit the curb, as long as you stop and correct the manoeuvre whilst maintaining correct observation, that would be quite acceptable.

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