Left hand reverse

                            How to make a left hand reverse manoeuvre

Left hand reverse is one of the four manoeuvres you will need to learn for your driving test. You will be required to perform one manoeuvre on your test. On your driving test the examiner will first ask you to park on the left just before a turning to the left. He will then tell you that he wishes you to perform the left hand reverse manoeuvre.

A. It may be advisable to lower your nearside door mirror so that you can see the nearside wheel arch.

Before moving off check your mirrors, look over your right shoulder and indicate if necessary. Take a look into the road you will be reversing  into as you pass, as to whether it is uphill, level or downhill and to make sure it is suitable to perform the manoeuvre.

B. Just as you are about half way past the left turn, check the mirrors and indicate left to pull in if necessary. Stop the car around 2 to 3 car lengths beyond the corner and between 12 and 18 inches from the curb. Stop parallel to the curb and ensure the wheels are straight. Once stopped apply the handbrake and select reverse gear. It may be beneficial to adjust the nearside door mirror so that you can see the rear wheel arch.

Before moving off access the level of the road and apply the clutch bite point if necessary. Check your mirrors and check over your right shoulder.

C. Look out of the rear windscreen and then if safe, start to slowly move the car backwards. As you get near to the start of the corner, you will see the rear nearside wheel at this point, check forward and then over your shoulder, remembering that the car will swing out into the road, If any vehicles or pedestrians are at a point where you could be a problem to them, then stop. proceed only when you feel it is safe.

D. Turn the wheel to the left half a turn; you should now see that the left hand rear wheel should be following the curb round maintaining the same distance from the curb. Adjust the steering as necessary to maintain the same distance remembering steering to the curb will take you closer to the curb and steering to the road will do take you away from the curb. Maintain the observation all around. If any vehicles or cyclist are getting close you will need to stop the car. When safe keep reversing back till the examiner tells you to stop.

Remember to re adjust your door mirror.

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