Bay park

During your training you will be taught how to perform a number of manoeuvres including the bay park as detailed on this page. You will be expected to perform one of these reverse manoeuvres on your driving test.

A. As you position the car for this manoeuvre
be sure to allow sufficient room from the bays that you are going to reverse into. Remember to take into account that the front of the car will swing out as you start to steer.
Align your shoulder with the line as illustrated in diagram A.
Once you have stopped your vehicle, apply the handbrake and select the reverse gear.
You may find it beneficial to adjust your door mirrors so that you can see the rear wheel arches.

B. Remember to have a good look all round before you start the manoeuvre.
As you start to reverse back at a slow pace, turn the steering wheel also slowly onto full left hand lock, you will then be reversing around  two vehicles. This is illustrated with the bay marked with the yellow lines.

C. Maintain observation whilst observing the path the car is taking as you reverse into the yellow marked bay. If you are getting too close to the first yellow line then a correction can be made by steering the wheel slightly to the right. If you find you are going too wide then stop the car, select forward gear, then drive slightly forward correcting  as necessary, you may then continue reversing back into the bay. This correction would be quite acceptable as long as you maintain control of the car, and keep up the observation throughout the manoeuvre

D. Once you have finished reversing into the bay, apply the handbrake and select neutral.
Do not forget to re position your door mirrors back to their correct position.

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